The Answer (1985-1986)

One of Jim’s earliest bands, The Answer, was formed in 1985 in Connellsville Area High School.  It had quite a few different members throughout it’s two year existence, but two major events shaped what would be called the two line-ups.  First was a concert a group of guys put on at the High School as a charity for the American Heart Association.  There were 5 bands total.  This line up included Jim Feniello on guitar, Jeff “Guido” Gildroy on vocals, Scott Wilson on bass, and XXX on drums.  The second line up included Jim Feniello on guitar, Brad Grimm on vocals, Bob Noto on drums, and Mike Cable on bass/keyboards.  The crowning events for this line-up were a Graduation/Leaving for the Army/Wedding Shower/Baby Shower party for Chuck “Kitsy” Detwiler, along with many home recording sessions with fellow musician/producer Bob Horwat

Practice session (first line-up)



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Practice session (Second line-up)

Spring 1986.

Practice session  2 (Second line-up)

Spring 1986

Come Back


The Way It Has To Be


Perfect Place


Atomic Love


I’m So Into You