Solo Work

All the works below were written and recorded in Melbourne Florida from about 1988-1991. If i remember correctly, it was basically a Roland D-20, an EMAX sampler, and an IBM PC XT running DOS based Cakewalk sequencer.


This was a song written and produced following the Miami style of dance music. Written around 1989.

Gagged and Bound

Influenced by more industrial dance music of the day like Front 242, Consolidated, etc. Written around 1990.

Version with vocals.

House of Oz

One of the most popular songs. This one got some radio and club play.

This is the original version. I wrote the song, music only, in Florida. On a trip back to Pennsylvania, i went to visit my friend and fellow musician Bob Horwatt, and was letting him listen to some of the stuff i’d been writing. At the same time, he said “listen to this group of samples i just captured off of the Wizard of Oz movie”. The rest is history.

I Lost You

Another Miami Dance style song

Last Drop

Yet another Miami Dance style song, influenced by a song called “Good to the last drop”

Let The Music Soothe It

An industrial song. This was modeled after the style of MC 900Ft Jesus with DJ Zero

Power 96

Another Miami Dance style song named after the Miami Radio Station Power 96


Another Miami Dance style song

Here’s an even earlier version

The Importance Of Sound

An alternative / New Beat type song. My roommate Ralph “Melmo” Fulchiero had some old records he used to play in the background when he was on the radio. I borrowed one and sampled some things for the use in this song.

You Make Me Feel So Good

I won’t get into what movie i grabbed the samples for this song from


Another Industrial song, i found some Star Trek samples somewhere, and decided to use them